I finished something! All the way to the end!

Would you believe I have completed my first ever blanket?

Those of you who know me from knit and natter know that I have only learnt to crochet in recent months. I find that crochet grows at a satisfying speed. I love retro granny squares and zany colours together. Oddly, my first blanket wasn't granny squares though, I went for a stitch called 'Larks foot', which I found over at Meet Me at Mikes (great tutorial if you like the look of it!).

Here's how mine turned out:
It's pretty big, it will cover one human female completely. Here's a close up - I love the texture:

I made my blanket from Drops Nepal - Wool and Alpaca mix. It's really snugly and warm. Our local yarn supplier, Wool Warehouse, have an amazing promotion on at the moment, a massive 35% off Drops wools (and you get free delivery in the UK if you spend £25!). It was a pretty good price in the first place, but during the promotion the beautiful wool I used is just £1.30 for a 50g ball! I think my stash might need a top up...

I'm now looking for another project! I have always felt frustrated by knitting, it never seems to do what I want it to and I've no idea how to fix it when it goes wrong. I haven't given up on knitting yet, I'll almost certainly go back to it. I've been eyeing up Charlotte's beautiful socks recently, but maybe I should complete something a little less challenging first.

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