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Did you know we stock craft books?
Yup, we do. And we have some really cool ones! Here are some of my favourites:

We are BIG fans of Eloise Renouf, and have stocked her prints here at the shop since we opened. When we saw this amazing book Eloise illustrated, we ordered it straight away! There are blank spaces inside for you to draw your own trees, flowers, birds etc. Not your thing? We also stock 20 ways to draw a dress.
Jane Foster...
Friday Finds
These little chaps are feeling a bit sorry for themselves. Both of their heads have been broken clean off and glued back on. Also, the one on the left is missing a bit of scenery and has had an ear that has been badly glued back on.

We don't care though. Amongst stiff competition, they have won the honored position of Friday Find because we LOVE them. Also, we've tied bows round their necks to...
Book club update
Sorry! I posted on Facebook the winner of the battle of the books, but I completely forgot to update the blog.
The winner was Blind Faith by Ben Elton.

I read City of Bones anyway, because I'm becoming a young adult fiction fan, and can highly recommend it. It's actually been released as a film recently, Zoë and I popped to see it on Friday. It wasn't half bad, but read the book first if you can.

Battle of the books

I have an announcement from the Berylune Librarian (aka Zoë):

After the success of our book club meeting this week when we chose The Hunger Games, our next book club options also feature a young adult fiction title, The City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. As a contrast this time we have Ben Elton's Blind Faith.

If you would like to vote for our next choice please leave a comment below or vote on...
Stationery rocks.
So much so, it has it's very own National Week! National Stationery Week runs from 22nd - 28th April, so we're already half way through and I haven't treated myself a single new pen or pencil. Don't worry, I'll get...
Redford v DiCaprio
It's a tough one isn't it?

For the folks at 'Pulp the Classics', the choice was simple:

Looks like Robert Redford. Rocking a mac.

Clearly, I'm going to have to go and see what Baz Luhrmann has in store for us before I decide which of the two makes a better Gatsby, but I have a sneaking suspicion it's going to be Leo.
You still have plenty of time to read 'The Great Gatsby' before our next book club...
Book bags. For books.
We have new things! Amy and Zoë  have been busy making book bags from retro fabric, modeled below by some random librarian we found in the street.

Oh, wait. That's Zoë
 Hand made book bag, £12.95 Berylune. Home made frock, model's own.
 Inside pocket in a contrasting fabric.

Aren't they pretty? We have many different patterns to choose from; they're all a bit different, but that's why we like...
Berylune Book Club update
I have the following Book Club announcement from Zoë:
The first Berylune book club meeting went very well and was good fun. There were five of us which meant we were able to have a good discussion of our chosen book, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. If you haven’t read The Book Thief then we can highly recommend it!
We now have the difficult task of choosing our next book. We came up with a...
Ok, it's a bit sad but....
I had a little walk around the charity shops in town earlier on. It's a lovely bright, sunny day, although a little chilly. I popped in to the Cancer Research shop on Bedford Street to find a special offer on paperback books - 4 for £1! Bargain.

Amy and I are a bit sad and we read teen fiction. I would apologise, but I'm really not sorry. They had all 4 Twilight books, and as Amy doesn't own them I...