Ok, it's a bit sad but....

I had a little walk around the charity shops in town earlier on. It's a lovely bright, sunny day, although a little chilly. I popped in to the Cancer Research shop on Bedford Street to find a special offer on paperback books - 4 for £1! Bargain.

Amy and I are a bit sad and we read teen fiction. I would apologise, but I'm really not sorry. They had all 4 Twilight books, and as Amy doesn't own them I bought them for her (I'm not normally that generous, but £1 seemed within budget).

I asked Amy if she had an Apple. She said 'I have a Banana', 
thinking I was hungry. I feel she missed the point somewhat.

I noticed the receipt as I was leaving the shop. 

According to the lady in Cancer research UK, the Twilight Saga
is Non Fiction. I want to live in her world.

Gladys - Dude, what's with this banana?
Beryl -It's a bit Andy Warhol. 

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