I've wanted these since forever. I'm so, so excited that we are stocking them!

Chunky highlighter crayons
in three delicious luminous colours
They really work!

I've spent a small fortune on highlighter pens over the years. I'm always heartbroken when I have to throw away their dried up carcasses. I've been using my highlighter pencil at my grown-up job for a couple of weeks now; I've not had to sharpen it yet, and I use it a lot! Time will tell if it lasts longer than a pen, but as a hunch, I think it will, and not by a small margin. Also, when its too short to use anymore, I'm just throwing away a stump of crayon not a lump of plastic. Surely that's better for the environment?!

As they're really chunky, they make your hands feel small when you use them. I don't know why things that remind you of being a child are so pleasing, but it's what we find appealing about the coloured satchels, why everyone loves the school milk bottles and it's why our Mum is attaching string to Amy's new mittens as we speak!

These are available to buy in our shop and on our website, or if you're really really good, maybe Father Christmas will think to put one in your stocking.

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