What. A. View.

We have a new view from the counter! Frankly, it rocks. I find myself spacing out, trying to choose which thing I would like to take home with me.


We have some new stuff! I've been meaning to photograph it for a couple of weeks and have been failing to find time. Sorry!  

We have Paddywax candles. They smell divine and come in the prettiest jars. They are made from soy wax, so you can wash the jars out easily when you've finished with the candle bit, and you're left with a pretty storage jar! We think the smaller candles would make great spice jars...

 Clockwise from top left: New surprised cat brooch, new geometric pencil case, 1m of giant ric rac, Peppersmith lemon mints, a booble purse frame, a new paddywax candle and a neon orange highlighter pencil. Yummy.

Clockwise from top left: New geometric pencil case, a peas in a pod rubber, a new Colette pattern, a new bird in a nest brooch, a new floral cameo brooch, a new paddywax candle, a new pink biro, a pink highlighter pencil, Gladys and Beryl. 

I've probably missed some things!

Berylune, 45 Park Street, Leamington Spa CV32 4QN. www.berylune.co.uk