Flamingos and a startled cat

We have new jewellery! Some of it is a bit funky, such as our startled cat brooches:

Or maybe the cat is being tickled?

and our flamingo brooches:

Pretty kitsch...

Spring has sprung in our shop at least, even if it feels like deepest winter everywhere else!

If you like our rose earrings, you're going to love our new chrysanthemums! Do I need to bang on about how great our titanium posts are again? Nah, you've heard it all before.

Oooh pretty

Or maybe you fancy something a bit less floral? I've been wearing the minty green colour of these since they came in! 

We have some other new things, including new felt goodies from Zoë, but I'll save those for another post as I think there are quite enough pretty pictures here for one day.

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