Garibaldi Bunnies

I've had a lovely Easter weekend! On Saturday, we had two crochet workshops with Denise, one for spring-like flowers, the other for granny squares.

Big grins!
Getting there...

On Easter Sunday I played hostess and cooked roast beef for some of my favourite people in my new house. We stuffed ourselves stupid (Amy made us two massive and delicious desserts), drank and played with play-dough. I can highly recommend Rapidough if you're having a few friends round, but it does get a bit silly!

I was introduced to Elementary by Charlotte until the wee hours of this morning. WARNING: It's an addictive time vampire. Watch with caution.

Coffee and bunny shaped Garibaldi biscuits (thanks Amy!) were needed to wake me up. I think I might make some leftover pasties for tea... after this next episode of Elementary.

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