Friday Finds

Yes, I went to the cinema, visited Warwick University, made a quiche and watched X-men movies back to back whilst knitting (yes, me, knitting. Continental style and everything), so completely forgot to blog yesterday! Sorry!

So, this week's Friday Find comes from Nic and my Mum. A swarm of bees landed in our back garden this week, then took off and made their way over to Regent Street, where Mum and Nic managed to lure them in to an empty hive for transport back home. It was all very exciting. For local newspaper coverage, click here and here.

For more pictures, have a look at my facebook storyboard by clicking here.

Yesterday, Nic and Mum visited the hive in it's new home and even spotted the queen! We hope she likes it in there and they stay and produce some honey for us next year. 
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