Friday Finds

This is the Friday Find I forgot to photograph last week! I love this colour. I think it's pistachio, but I only scored 8 on this stupid thing, so you tell me!
Pistachio typewriter, now for sale in our shop.

We've been trashing the shop! We have taken shelves down and put shelves up and built flatpack and hung wallpaper and painted bits and all sorts of interesting things. Thank you Paul and Barney for your manly drilling, thank you Zoë for painting, wallpapering, vacuuming and making sure everything is in the right place, thank you Mum for hanging wallpaper like a boss, thank you Amy for talking everyone in to it, lugging stuff around and not falling out of a window (even though I pushed you), thank you Charlotte for hair clips and moral support and thank you Alex for doodling on the walls as directed. I think that's everyone. 

Hopefully we'll post some photos of the new layout tomorrow. 

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