Friday Finds

If, like myself, you have a younger sibling or even two or three, you will probably find yourself missing a good deal of your childhood memorabilia. My Ladybird books, along with other classics like 'The Cat in the Hat', my original 1980s My Little Ponies and my magic Family Tree House, were handed down to Amy. I don't remember being asked if this was ok. I presume I didn't care much for them at the time, what teenager would?

But fear not! For those of you who were robbed (yes, robbed I say) of your favourite Ladybird books, we have gathered together this fantastic bundle of classics:

They're mostly 606d series and the cover prices vary from 24p to 40p. Our price for the bundle is £25, and no, we won't split them (some of them are more valuable than others).

And did you know that it was the jostling of Snow White's glass coffin that dislodged the apple stuck in her throat, it wasn't a magic kiss from her one true love at all! Far more practical than Disney.

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