'Skymning' Print by Sara Stribrant 30 X 40 cm

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Art print created by Sara Stribrant, printed on 265g high quality art paper. 

Sara Stribrant is a Swedish graphic designer and art director.

For more than a decade Sara Stribrant lived and worked in the city of light, Paris. And most of her art pieces have been created surrounded by the distinct Parisienne atmosphere of elegance. She describes her colour palette as having a “French touch” - however, her view of light is heavily inspired by her childhood home and its Nature. Sara Stribrant grew up on the Swedish island Gotland and the Nature there is wild, untamed, and always changing.

Sara Stribrant strives to create something imperfect. Something authentic and abstract that comes together and create a sense of quiet harmony.

Dimensions: 30 x 40 cm
Will fit in to our 40 x 50 Oak Frame, using THIS mount.
This art print comes with a white border around the motif. The dimensions listed indicate the actual size of the art print including the white border.

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