Root Buddies - Organic Mycorrhizal Fungi
Root Buddies - Organic Mycorrhizal Fungi

Root Buddies - Organic Mycorrhizal Fungi

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By For Peat's Sake

These organic Mycorrhizal fungi are a natural, plant-friendly soil additive which can be added to your coir or soil mix. Within 4 weeks, Root Buddies create an entire secondary root system that will support a plant for its whole life.

We recommend mixing in 5g (1 tsp) of Root Buddies for every 1 litre of soil.

For assisted root development

Mycorrhizal fungi augment the rhizosphere by providing a whole secondary root system for the plant, extending their filaments or hyphae into the soil far beyond the plant’s own roots, making it easier to absorb nutrients and water. These fungal hyphae are minute (about 1/60th the width of root hairs)! Although tiny, they operate like a factory transporting nutrients such as phosphorus, dissolving minerals and feeding plants.

Once established, the fungi assists accumulation of osmolytes, which protect the cellular machinery from environmental stresses, helping to keep the plants cells alive and running during periods of drought. Not only do Root Buddies help support your houseplant whilst you’re away on holiday, a study conducted at the University of Guelph concluded that plants with mycorrhizae have double the transplant success of untreated plants, helping to reduce repotting stress and speeding up the acclimatisation process.


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