Linen Hot and Cold Eye Pillow - Mustard


By Blasta Henriet

Eye pillow for yoga, relaxation and natural pain relief.

A versatile mustard patterned linen wheat pack for eyes and all over body application. Cool in the freezer to reduce swelling and relieve headaches. Heat in the oven or microwave to relax or sooth sore muscles. Alternatively use at room temperature.


Microwave: 30-60 seconds 600W

Oven: 5-10 minutes 125 °C

To use as cold pack, freeze for 30+ minutes


Each Eye Pillow comes carefully wrapped in a safe postal box at large letter size, perfect for gifting.

The cover is machine washable.


Cover: 100% European Linen

Inner: Natural Cotton and British Wheat.

Size: 12 x 20 cm


Made in England.