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Hand Thrown 'Speckled' Mug

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Wheel-thrown wide based mugs, making it comfortable to rest in your palm and feel the warmth of your hot drink.  Most people say "Woah, that's a big mug" when they see these delights, big enough for a nice mug of soup on a cold winters day!

These mugs are thrown using a unique speckled clay and lighty glazed in a light yellow glaze with a satin finish. The glaze is intentionally thin, giving the mugs a hue of green, just enough not to distract from the speckles of the clay body.

Approximate dimensions -

 - Height: 8.5cm

 - Diameter: 9.5cm

 - 500ml

Deloise is a homeware brand created locally here in the middle of England. Set up in 2022 by Darcy, all ceramics are hand-thrown in her ceramics studio amongst an array of artists and creators.

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