Mini Bromelia - Mixed Varieties

Mini Bromelia - Mixed Varieties

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Hi from us, a collection of tiny Bromelia. We are famous for our impressive flowering capabilities, but we are just adorable as little leafy plants too!

We are found in the wild growing on the lower, shady branches of trees, collecting water from the air in our little 'tank' centres, but we are quite happy from full sun to shady conditions in your home, we also don't need a lot of soil to grow in, so we are quite happy in these little pots. We do not like our roots to sit in water and probably only need watering or misting every 3 to 4 weeks, but this will change with our location so adjust accordingly.

These come come as a mixed lot so if there's a particular plant you'd like please let us know and we'll try to accommodate.

Pot diameter: 5.5cm. Price per plant.

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