Mixture of Milan Erasers

A selection of fine quality, functional erasers by Milan feature a vintage look which is typical of this brand.

Chose from:

Red/Blue 860: This is a harder, more flexible soft synthetic rubber eraser, perfect to erase a wide range of graphite pencils on all kinds of paper. It has two erasing intensities.

Measures 4,7 x 1,4 x 0,7 cm. 

Pastel Square:  Made of soft synthetic rubber, these erasers are suitable for removing strokes from most graphite pencils on all kind of surfaces.

Measures 2,8 x 2,8 x 1,3 cm.

4865 Triangle: Made of flexible synthetic rubber, this retro-looking triangular eraser is perfect for removing graphite pencil strokes from all kind of papers, and feels nice to hold.

Measures 3,6 x 3,3 x 0,6 cm.

4836 Triangle: As above, but bigger!

Measures 5 x 4,4 x 0,7 cm.


Made in Spain.

made from:


Synthetic Rubber