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Mulling Syrup Trio
Beer Bread - Garlic & Herb
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Beer Bread - Olive & Rosemary
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Elderflower & Thyme Organic Tonic Water
Mulled Wine Syrup
Mulled Cider Syrup
French Sea Salt
Smoked Barbecue Mix Dry Rub
Pesto with Rocket and Almond
Clementine & Ginger Prosecco Syrup
Olive Oil With Lemon
Chutney with Coconut & Mango
Salt with Black Olive & Rosemary
Vinaigrette With Raspberries
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Soy and Sesame Deluxe Ketchup
Smoked Chipotle Barbecue Sauce
Salt with Dried Mushrooms
Old Fashioned Mustard with Honey
Hot Chilli Mayonnaise
Rapeseed Oil
Rapeseed Oil
Tepenade with Black Olive and Basil
Raspberry and Lemongrass Organic Tonic Water
Organic White Bread Mix - Crusty Morning Loaf
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Vinaigrette With Mango
Salt with Curry & Coconut
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