Cake Candles

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Long Candles - Pastel Mix
Long Candles - Mint Mix
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Long Candles - Hot Mix
Long Candle Holders - White
Long Candles - Pink and Peach Mix
Green & Blue Glitter Cake Candles
Pink Glitter Cake Candles
Long Candles - Gold and Silver Mix
Long Candles - Bright Mix
Long Pastel Stripe Cake Candles
Happy Birthday Candles - Bright Colours
Big Rainbow Candle
Gold Glitter Cake Candles
Happy Birthday Candles - Gold
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White Star Candles Pack of 6
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Bright Striped Cake Candles
Neon Yellow Star Candles Pack of 12
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Matchstick Cake Candles
Dinosaur Kingdom Candles
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Safari Animal Candles
Neon Twisted Cake Candles
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