We built a cabin!

Emily moved house in 2017, which meant our 'Fulfilment Warehouse' (aka Emily's Garage), was no longer available for packing all of our online orders, ready to be sent out to lovely customers. 

We needed a solution, as Christmas was rapidly approaching and our shop is a bit too small to cope with our online orders during the festive season!

So, we ordered a cabin.

We chose 'The Rho' from Tiger Sheds cabin range, but made a few amendments to the design - they charge a flat fee for this service. We decided to have both windows at the front (due to how narrow the garden is), and we changed the door so it was a part-glazed single door, rather than double, fully glazed doors, as they were not practical for our purposes.

We read the reviews carefully and chose to upgrade to double glazed, Georgian style window units. We also paid extra for felt shingles, as we didn't want to have to replace the felt later down the line.

We were very pleased with the quality of the timber from Tiger Sheds, the pieces were all cut perfectly and it went together relatively easily, as you can see from the below video. Our good friend Matt is a carpenter, he managed the build for us and made a few very minor alterations as we went along - there is a very tiny, very fancy bit of skirting between the door and the wall!

We treated every piece with Cuprinol as we built it, and will treat the whole thing again before winter this year. It's weathering really well. We will probably change the colour at some point, but we are enjoying the wood for now.

Winter 2017/18 was quite a cold one. We are pretty active in our cabin, we aren't just sat at computers, so our electric radiator managed to keep us warm for the most part. We left it on overnight in the deepest frosts.

The cabin is really cosy, but you might want to look at a stove or some more significant heating if you want to use it as a home office in the depths of winter. We also have interlocking foam floor tiles for insulation.

With regards to Tiger - on the whole we were impressed. The staff were friendly when we called. All the parts arrived. We had read that they're slow, and they were, but we were prepared for that. We physically couldn't order the cabin any sooner than we did due to the house move. We ordered 17th July 2017 and took delivery 4th October 2017. Fine if you know!

If you follow us on Instagram, you'll see various images of the inside of the cabin in stories from time to time. We love it!