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Washing Wednesday
I feel better! We've been really busy! I've been taking more photos for selling goodies online (this is all I ever seem to do these days, which won't impress the VAT man come the end of the month). Here are some of my pictures for you to ogle. Don't judge them too harshly, I'm not Fiona:

Berylune, 45 Park Street,...
Shop. Trashed.
Amy's been trashing the shop! Well, it all started on Wednesday, when Mum came over and helped us wield a large power tool, resulting in our new greetings card display. Zoë and I stood back and offered constructive feedback and support.

 New card display

Yesterday, Amy was left on her own. She has seemed a bit fidgety for a while now, but I wasn't overly concerned. Until I arrived at the shop this...
Soapy suds
Soap is back in stock!

Sorry we ran out again. It's probably because they are completely lovely. My favourite at the moment is spearmint. It smells just delicious. We've stopped using shower gel in our house altogether now - so less packaging waste, which can only be a good thing.

When Amy & I were unpacking them, we were sniffing combinations together - coconut & almond with cherrylicious smells...
Sqeaky clean...
Amy has been wrapping soaps like a madwoman, because they've been selling as quickly as we have been putting them out! I think you'll agree, they're quite pretty:
Not tested on animals, suitable for vegans, hand made in England and it
smells almost edible.

We also have shampoo soap bars, bath bombs, bath melts and shaving soaps. As well as yummy mixed packs of all those things.
Have a sniff of our...