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The weekend is a blur.

We had so much fun this weekend! We had a lovely group of Hens in the studio, they were creating Embroidery Hoop Art under Zoë & Amy's expert tutelage. Check out our ever-growing pinterest board  for ideas if you fancy having a go at home, or come along to our next workshop if you would like some inspiration or guidance - as well as unfettered access to our stash of trims and scraps!

How are you...
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WIN £50 Berylune Voucher!

Our delightful dressmaking teacher, Roisin (aka Dolly Clackett), is getting married in May! We are so excited for her and Nic, they're a lovely pair. To celebrate, Sarah (aka Rhinestones and Telephones), has organised a sewing competition appropriately named 'Sew Dolly Clackett'.

Have a read of Sarah's blog postto find out how to enter - essentially, you have from today until 23rd April to make a...
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