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What a year

What an amazing year we've had!

We've completely changed our logo to something we think suits us far better.

We're stocking brands we love and have more home made items than we've ever had before. We trashed the shop and re-arranged it so the layout is much more to our liking.

Our craft workshops have become increasingly popular, we're really proud of the fantastic skills people can now learn in the...
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*Guest Post* Berylune Knit & Natter Christmas Special

We have a special guest post from ManE! :

Last night was the Berylune Knit and Natter Christmas Special. I got to wear my special Christmas hat that Amy made for me and drink mulled wine!
There was an impressive party buffet so we had lots to eat, but very little knitting got done.
I ate quite a lot of food and so did everyone else. There was hardly anything left by the end of the night.
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