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Knickers! Why am I so rubbish at blogging?

We're always pretty busy here at the shop. We have regular craft workshops and parties, we get new stock in and we take lots of pretty photos of these things. We tend to post them on Facebook, almost always overlooking the blog. I don't know why we started doing this, but I've decided no more! The blog deserves pretty pictures too.

So here are some photos of four lovely ladies making knickers in...
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Goodness it's been a busy one.

So much cake today! Brownies and lemon drizzle for our knicker ladies this morning:


Additionally, we had a hen's party this afternoon, calling for an especially moist, light and fluffy Victoria sponge and some delicious iced biscuits:




Our crafty hens are going to use all the bunting they made to decorate the bride's wedding, with labels saying who made each one. Good luck...
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