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Oh! It's been lovely! We've had a good long break, we have all recharged our batteries and we're now ready for 2015... Kicking off with a sale in the shop, so pop down and grab some bargains.

I've been eating, drinking, socialising, celebrating birthdays and playing this awesome puzzle/adventure game.

Lumino City is so beautifully crafted and atmospheric. I've just finished it, which is exceedingly...
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It's in no way grim, it's all a lie.

So my favourite picture from my recent tour of the North East is this one:

I really liked the Angel of the North, it is epic in size and makes an impressive impact on the landscape. As you walk away from the body towards the tip of the wing, the span is really quite surprising! It looms over you far longer than you would expect. I like this picture best because I noticed something about the Angel...
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