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So much temptation...

Brilliant Biscuits, delicious chocolate, sweeties in an ice cream van tin and baubles with proper chocolate hap'neys and penny farthings inside. Our Food Department appears to be lacking in anything savoury... New solgan: Berylune. Lacking in anything savoury.

Berylune, 45 Park Street, Leamington Spa CV32 4QN.
The Pint Sized Department Store
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Friday Finds

Zoë & I were out searching for goodies the other day when we spied this pretty little tin. Imagine our glee when we found it to be full of buttons! Buttons, buttons, buttons. Nothing makes our pulses face faster than finding a hidden button treasure. Joy.

The tin will be made in to one of our 'Vintage Tin Sewing Kits'. The buttons will be added to our growing stash which, once we have finished...
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