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A weekend of workshops
We had Needle Felting on Saturday morning:

Screen Printing on Saturday afternoon:

Followed by Dressmaking with Dolly Clackett on Sunday:

Whew. So much fun! Next week we have Lampshade Making and Sew a Baby or Toddler Dress if you fancy a go?
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Back to School
Back to school! Shiny new shoes, blazers that are a bit too big, hair brushed neat and tidy. Time to learn new things and make new friends. If, like us, you're a bit old for school, maybe you could try one of our new workshops?

A Day with Dolly Clackett - Introduction to Dressmaking

Spend a day with Roisin Muldoon (aka Dolly Clackett), who will talk you through the basics of dressmaking. Bring along...
Fiona Murray rocks my world.
I mean it. She really does. I'm going to show you a bunch of beautiful pictures. Those of you who have seen our craft studio will know that it's kinda pretty, a bit scruffy, full of clutter character and probably...
Sunglasses required
We have new wrapping/crafting paper in stock! This lot includes some fabulous neons and liberty-esque florals. We had to wear our sunglasses as we were rolling them up, but we love them!Roisin is participating in 'Me Made May' this year,...
Drum roll please...
We are excited to welcome a new teacher to our team! Roisin (aka Dolly Clackett) is a renowned Leamington based blogger and dress making guru - you have probably read her inspiring blog, and if you haven't it's time you did.

Roisin wears a beautiful dress every single day. I'm guessing she must have PJ days like the rest of us, but if she's leaving the house, she'll be wearing a stunning frock,...