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Shop. Trashed.

Amy's been trashing the shop! Well, it all started on Wednesday, when Mum came over and helped us wield a large power tool, resulting in our new greetings card display. Zoë and I stood back and offered constructive feedback and support.

 New card display

Yesterday, Amy was left on her own. She has seemed a bit fidgety for a while now, but I wasn't overly concerned. Until I arrived at the shop this...
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Paint and bare bums

Amy has been painting! We put the pegboard sections up before Christmas, but didn't have occasion to paint them. We kinda liked their unfinished state, it looked a bit like kraft card. Now January is here, and snow along with it, we've had a bit more time on our hands!

So if you've not had time to pop in recently, here is how it looks:

Aqua on one side
 Coral on the other

Bright and fresh. We are very...
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