As seen in Mollie Makes!

Well this is a bit of a dream come true!

We have been ogling crafty people's houses and creative spaces in Mollie Makes since just before we opened our shop, almost 5 years ago. We have had a few products featured within, and I won't lie, we have found some lovely goodies to stock via the pages of this ever-colourful magazine. 

Imagine our delight when the opportunity came up to feature one of our houses! Our amazing friend Fiona, who happens to be an excellent photographer, popped up a few weeks back (months? Gosh time flies!), and snapped Amy's beautiful home. 

Amy wasn't sure how she felt about this - she lives in a rented house, so there are some things about it that she just can't change. Namely the nasty green carpet. 

We all talked her in to it, because in my opinion Amy's house is so filled with her personality, unique style and such a large helping of Beryluneness that I don't think you can even see the bits she would love to change.  

So here is! Thank you Mollie Makes for such a lovely feature. Thank you Fiona for taking such beautiful photos of Amy and her home. Thank you Lara for your kind words and managing to put a nervous Amy at ease!