A couple of days to go...

and what a Christmas we have had! We have had sacks and sacks of outgoing mail, a bashed head, a trip to A & E, two extra members of staff to help us keep up and lots of lovely customers visiting us in the flesh from across the country!

Most people write Christmas gift guides a few weeks before the big day, to give you plenty of opportunity to buy your presents. We have just been too busy! So here are our top 10 best sellers instead, in no particular order, and excluding a few we didn't find as interesting:

Taylor Swift

Both colouring in and Taylor Swift are crazes that are sweeping the nation - so a Taylor Swift colouring book is a no brainer! Tropical Wonderland is a favourite too, along with colouring pencils and Lyra art pens. 

Light boxes with alphabet tiles - what's not to love! The rest of the nation's indie shops seemed to sell out of these super quickly, but we stocked up and never ran out. 

Creighton's Custard Cream chocolate bar. Yes, it's as delicious as it sounds. Hand made in the UK.

Our modern craft advent calendar kit. Stamp your own numbers, decorate your bags and parcels and fill them with awesome gifts.

Our wrapping packs - this one is the monochrome colour way, but the colour pop pack has sold just as well. It includes everything you see here - pom pom makers, yarn, baker's twine, washi tape, the lot!

Spangly Christmas bath bombs - from Chilly Willy to Deer Me, Holly Bobs to Father Blissmas. The smell amazing and just look at all that glitter!

My personal favourite, simply because I was told Fisherman's Friends are horrible and they'll never sell! Little did they know...

Ceramic charms. Zoë has nearly collected all of them! But actual customers seem to like them too!

Washi tape. We've been selling it for years, but it seems like the world is finally beginning to catch up! 

Retro tape writers - both this deluxe model and the smaller one have sold like hot cakes. I am imagining well labelled offices, school books, kitchens and work spaces across the country...

What an awesome bunch of stuff! You lot have the best taste! 


Merry Christmas one and all.