Damn it Amy, I'm a shopkeeper, not a rainbow technician.

For those of you who haven't been to see the new Star Trek film, go. I might go again, if you want some company.

What do you suppose Amy has been up to? Well, she has been settling in to her new house nicely (yes, we've both moved recently), and generally obsessing about rainbows...

Pretty new necklaces!

The weather was kind to us for a while wasn't it? If the sun decides to grace us with its presence again and you fancy having a garden party with mojitos, pimms, or coke floats, we have some pretty new straws in stock:


I posted a few pictures taken in my living room recently (Charlotte's lampshade has taken up permanent residence on my sideboard), so I thought it only fair to post one taken in Amy's craft room:

 Newly painted knitting needle storage!

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