How times have changed

A lovely new customer came into the shop yesterday, and mentioned that she had  been reading our blog. I apologised that I don't blog much anymore - we really enjoy posting on instagram, but the blog has definitely taken a back seat for now.

Why is this? There are a number of reasons, but mostly it's time related. I used to blog when I was at home, twiddlling my thumbs, hatching new plans. But since we have started selling online, that time is now taken up with photographing pretty new things, editing the pictures and listing them on the website. Also, instagram, that doesn't restrict the amount of text we can write like twitter does, just feels like a more natural place to communicate what is going on. We can post a picture and say as much or little about it as we like. Usually it's a little :)

Our lovely new customer kindly said that she had enjoyed reading the old blog posts, which, when I look back, gives some really interesting perspective in to how Berylune started and who we were back then. Reading back, I was convinced I was going to get a yellow satchel. I bought a red one. All of the cards we sold when we first opened were made by us, now less than 10% of the cards available in store are Berylune-branded (which is a good thing, we sell loads more cards now!). I took the above photo of the baker's twine we were selling.

And on Friday, I took this one:

I do have a much spiffier camera and a super spiffy lens these days. Also I have a wonderful photographer friend who has taught me so much. I'm not a natural, but I do enjoy taking pictures of our products.

So a lot has changed. I really like that the blog is a record of that. This doesn't help me find time to write more blog posts, but that doesn't mean I don't plan to! We had great plans for crafting tutorial posts, but simply haven't had time to put them in to action. I got half way through the alphabet on my 80s movie posts, but then L happened and I had too many to pick from - Labyrinth? Lost Boys? Legend? Ladyhawke? Maybe I'll come back to that :) I'll try to post more details about new products as we get them too.

Like this amazing solid coloured baker's twine, that is so beautiful:

Thanks for reading!