Can we have the keys now?


We are T minus 13 days and counting until we open our new shop. Berylune.

This picture is the 'before' shot; we sign on these premises at 9am tomorrow. 45 Park Street, Leamington Spa. The money has been transferred. I can't see my living room for stock. The sign is ordered. We're all set.

Who are 'we' I hear you ask? We are myself, Emily, and my fabulous and talented sister, Amy. We are also my loving and slightly unhinged boyfriend, Nic - I say unhinged, for without him we would not have been able to afford to open yet. We'd still be braving the British weather on our market stall. We all have our own roles to play. We have different skills that we add to the mix.

Berylune is a dream that Amy & I  have had for amost as long as I can remember, well before we knew what it would be called. Our own shop. Selling things we love. Stuff we can't seem to buy locally. Things we're truly passionate about.

When people ask me, 'What will you be selling?', I really struggle to answer. What indeed. Where to start.

I jabber about crafts and vintage and pretty things. They walk away looking rather puzzled. I've started saying, 'you'll just have to wait and see'. Or I refer them to our pinterest board. For some people, it just clicks in to place and they start, well, gushing with excitement. They're our customers. They are the kindred spirits to whom we hope to appeal. The ones that hate most shops, because they all sell the same stuff, from the same wholesalers. The ones that like making things for themselves sometimes. The ones that like something with a story behind it.

I can never tell who they will be. Some are male (I worry about those ones...that's you Nate), most are female, their ages vary, their interests vary. I stopped using the term 'target demographic' a long time ago.

Watch this space for more images and information as we approach our opening. I'll try to find the time to keep this updated.

Panic ensues.