Still no photos I'm sorry.

Amy and Nic seem to be a bit rubbish at taking pictures, and I'm still busy in the daytime until the weekend... By the time I get there, the light is really poor, as it has done nothing but rain since we got the keys!

They amused me this afternoon. I walked in and they both said 'there are TWO sunrises and the both happen in the afternoon!'. I was a bit puzzled at first; looked at the local landscape and said, 'oh right, you mean the afternoon sun appears behind that building, then disappears behind that one, then reappears in that big gap there.'

The response? 'Go ahead, spoil the magic.'

The rain is causing us some issues actually.  Our single biggest job is the fascia; we need to put up our perspex lettering (they need a couple of coats of pretty spray paint first), hang our beautiful bluebird sign and paint the masonry (the grey bit on the image on my first post). None of this can happen in the rain!

Ikea Flat Pack!
And so, we build flat pack.

I was sent the image below by the clever and talented Richard, known to us as 'Hannah's Dad'. He was working on our steel bluebird sign for us and wanted to give us an idea of scale. That's a dapper looking chap isn't it? I'm not sure he'll like our shop, but we'll welcome him nonetheless!