Well, the weather was kind to us today. We started to paint the exterior on Saturday, but today was a balmy 18c, so we managed to get it finished.

We did one more coat on top of this one. Do you like the colour?

Amy painted the high bits with one of those long radiator rollers (the sort you use for reaching down the back) and I held the ladder. Very tightly indeed. We had numerous comments from passers by, mostly positive.

Tomorrow, with any luck, the lettering will go up, courtesy of Odd Job Rob.

We are painting our swing sign, but the first coat is still tacky to touch, so pictures are a few days away for that one.

Also today we put our boxes up:

We might add to this cluster later on. The patterns are a mix of vintage wallpaper and Cath Kidston. I hope our customers like them as much as we do!