'But it's my Burfday'

It's day 2. Amy's Birthday. Can't you tell from the badge?
'I want a Ben's Cookie'. 'Get it yourself'. 'But it's my BURFDAY!'

I've taken a few pictures from around the shop for you to look at.

Here are our Welsh purses. Still planning on making a welsh blanket patterned wrapping paper, watch this space! You can see a very pretty green satchel in the background, as well as a fabulous sewing tin I want to take home and fill with pinking shears and pin wheels.

Here is our resident rag dolly made from the kit next to her. Isn't she pretty? Suggestions for her name would be greatly appreciated! Our Mum made this one; she took the instruction book and threw it away at the point where it tells you how to make her bottom section. Apparently, you're supposed to stitch up the bottom of the skirt, but Mum left it loose because she has pretty screen printed flowery knickers on! She never was one to colour inside the lines... Explains a few things I suppose!