I love my Corgi

I have a confession to make. I don't like shopping. I'm sorry. I know I am a traitor to womankind, but I just can't help it.

There are exceptions. I like shops by the sea side. Why do our coastal towns have more interesting things for sale? Are there no local artists or craftsfolk inland? Or am I in a better frame of mind to browse because I'm on holiday and there is a beach just around the next bend...

Another exception is Bath. It's fabulous. There are lots of independent shops, they sell interesting things and the shopkeepers are always nice and chatty. I get to sit by the Cathedral eating fresh fudge and listening to buskers. Again, is that just me feeling content with my surroundings, or are the indie shops in Bath genuinely better than other places?

I don't suppose I'll ever really know.

I've been assured that I would also like Brighton. I'm not surprised, one of the webshops I always find myself looking at is http://www.pussyhomeboutique.co.uk/ Moomins? Rob Ryan? Nanoblocks (Lego for grown ups)? All in one place? That place is Brighton apparently.

How marvellous.

Perhaps visitors to Leamnigton, when they wander the streets and find the yellowest of all the shops, will leave thinking 'why don't we have shops like this where I come from?'

We make all of our own cards. The ones on the top row are made using vintage postcards, the middle row are all vintage playing cards and the bottom row is a mixture of Magic Roundabout playing cards and our own badges made from vintage annuals and magazines. We stamp them by hand, so each card is unique.

My favourite card is the one with the Corgi on it. In fact, the Corgi card is my favourite thing in the whole shop. How easily pleased I am.

Cheerio for now.