Nate's New Bag

You may have noticed the odd Zatchel floating around our shop. We love them. So do our customers, which is great! One week in and we have sold 3 of these babies. I'm very excited, as soon as we need to re-order I shall be purchasing a 16" in bright yellow so I can carry my laptop around in style.

Berylune's first official paying customer was Nate. He's an incredibly talented photographer and my best metrosexual friend. Check out his wedding photos, they are so beautiful.

I asked Nate to send us some pictures of his bag in action.

Here is our model, sporting the latest fashion of manbag for the discerning chap.
Bag- 17.5" Brown Distressed Leather Satchel with a top handle, available in store at Berylune. Jacket, Shirt, Jeans and Glasses - Model's Own. Trainers - Stolen from local hobo.

Here is our model, showing his new manbag some much deserved love by stroking it's soft outer flap with his bristly cheek.

Thanks for the pictures Nate.