Bakers Dozen

Well. 10.

Ten yummy colours of bakers twine arrived today, in all the colours of the rainbow.

Look how pretty they are! What is this fabulous stuff? What do you do with it? Click here for some ideas. Or you can just lay it out in rainbow order and look at it, like we do.

Nic updated our webshop to include our lamp shade kits today. They have been selling like hotcakes! It's not surprising really; you can use a chunk of vintage bark cloth, some retro wallpaper, your favourite Cath Kidston fabric, almost anything that takes your fancy and make just the right sized shade for your room or lamp.

Here are a few that we have made:

For those of you who think it's difficult or complicated, let me assure you that it's really not!
You iron your fabric (the hardest bit if you ask me), stick a bendy plastic sheet to it, cut around the edges, cover the hoops in sticky tape then roll it all together. Hey presto, your own professional looking lamp shade. Everything you need is in the kit, except some sharp things for cutting the fabric. And an iron. And the fabric. And possibly a friend to help you roll the 45cm one, because it's really very big.

You might notice something amusing in the lamp shade photo, if you look closely.

It's off the hook. And not in a Westwood kind of way, the phone is literally off the hook. There is Amy, working away, with the phone off the hook. Why? What madness is this?

For 2 days solid, we have been inundated with sales phone calls. Every 5 minutes, literally, the phone rings and it's someone trying to sell advertising space or gas or electricity or insurance or telephone lines or listings in business directories. It just doesn't stop. We've had the line in for over a week, but for some reason these people now have our number and think it's ok to phone us. Constantly.
I don't know if anyone else has had this issue, or if someone can explain why we have experienced the sudden barrage?

Unfortunately we'll soon have to unplug the phone altogether. You might find a rather attractive vintage BT 746 telephone for sale in our shop this weekend...