Broken Cookies

We have a relatively well-equipped kitchen in our shop. Consequently, whenever we fancy buying sarnies from the local deli (there are several, we favour Rustic at the moment as they sell yummy Italian lemonade), we feel a bit guilty because we really ought to be using our kitchen.

So. Lunchtime today, Amy pointed out it was my turn to buy the ham. Quite right too, so I headed to M & S. It's nicer than tesco and there are no tramps buying cider, also it's a bit closer and I'm lazy. On the way I have to walk past Ben's Cookies. I glance in the window and there they are.

The magic red boxes, on top of the counter, just to the left.

Yes. A box of broken cookies for £3.95. You don't know what you're going to get - today it was mostly chocolate - but that's fine. It's literally full to the brim of rejected cookies. Nom. Best served warm.

I took a couple of photos around the shop today. These are the new rubber stamps that just arrived:

Cool huh? £4, bargain.

I am very slightly obsessed with stationery. I have to be kept away from the supermarkets from mid August to mid September, as I'll just buy one of every colour/scent/style of pen available. I recently purchased one of these for my desk at my grown-up job, so I can admire all of my pens. Also, I was wasting a full 5 minutes deciding which pen, pencil & ruler combination I would use at the beginning of every day. You can call me sad, I probably deserve it.

Above is our stationery offering at the shop, or some of it. We have a whole drawer of vintage stationery we haven't put out yet, because I went mad and bought a bit too much. Doesn't it make you happy though? We also have wooden gun shaped rulers (they only fire splinters according to Nic),and giraffe shaped rulers due in next week. Yay.