Red, White and Blue

The weather has been a hot topic of conversation in our shop this afternoon. But then, isn't it always? Are we ever really happy?

Let's hope this warm spell lasts for the Jubilee next weekend. 60 years. Go Queenie.

We have been giving our shop a patriotic overhaul today - results below.

 One of our boxes, filled with Red, White & Blue earrings, washi tape bunting, original jubilee cups filled with scented candles and a couple of bits of vintage royal-looking jewellery. And a milk bottle advertising The Mirror...

Our shop window; Gertie has on her Jubilee frock and looks like she's about to enjoy a cool drink. She's reading a magazine from the 50's which is suggesting Prince Philip is just working too hard and should take a bit of a break. No doubt they're right.

This picture shows off Hannah's pom poms rather well we think! You can just make out a few people sat across the street, enjoying some alfresco dining and people watching. Perhaps when we've closed for the day we'll pop over and join them! Acacia Deli across the street have a beautiful range of desserts. Yum.

Don't forget to enter the competition we're running in conjunction with One Sugar Please - you can win a goodie bag full of stuff from our shop!