The tale of the horse's heads

Last Sunday, on our weekly boot market trawl, I snagged a pair of horse head bookends whilst Amy wasn't looking. I did so with great speed, so she could not prevent me from purchasing them.

They were orange varnished pine silhouettes that had been hand painted with horsey features, including big Disney-style doe eyes.

I loved them immediately of course, as I so often do with impossibly kitsch items, and didn't even quibble over the asking price (most unlike me!). Amy caught me sneaking them in to my bag and made some Godfather-type 'I'd better not wake up with one of those in my bed' comment.

We got them back to the shop, where I gave them a clean and applied some fresh felt to the base. I labelled them up, at which point Amy scowled at me 'Where on earth are you going to put THOSE?'

'In the window' was my breezy reply.

They sold just 24 hours later.

There are two morals of my tale. The first is to ignore Amy's superior taste from time to time, people like a bit of kitsch. The second is to TAKE MORE PHOTOS!

I so wish I had a picture of my bookends, but alas I do not. I can't even find anything similar on the internet to show you. They are gone forever.

And so, here are a couple of items I've just put on display, so we can look back at them and remember how lovely they were once they've sold.

A lovely bread bin - 1920's or 30's we think?

A 'Portable' typewriter in a very fetching colour, with it's case and instructions.
Maybe for use at a wedding as an alternative guest book?