Lomo Promo. And other poetry.

We are running a promotion on our Lomo cameras this month - get a free camera stamp or camera badge with your purchase if you quote one of Lomo's 10 golden rules at our counter.

Here are the badges and stamps - which would you pick?

Our blue wig finally arrived from China. I think it might need a trim! We finally have a means of displaying the embroidered headbands we stock from Janine Basil. Obviously, Amy and I look fabulous in them, but somehow a decoupaged head (with a superman comic no less) and a bright blue wig just seem to set them off a treat.

A lady bought the beautiful blue typewriter today. We have more new vintage items in, pictures to follow tomorrow. Unless I drink too much Pimms and decide blogging is probably unwise (I'm rather sensible that way!). We had a man photograph the front of the shop for entry in to the Jubilee window display contest; competition is pretty stiff - Walls have a display with electrical goods that would have been used in 1952 and their modern day equivalent, which looks great. Vinteas also have a great display, they have painted frames hanging in their window, which they have fillled with Queenie pictures.

Have a great Jubilee folks.