Washi Love

We love our Washi Tape. People not familiar with the stuff often ask us, 'What's it for?', we usually reply 'to make things look pretty!' Some people remain perplexed but buy it anyway! We'll have to have a little showcase of Washi-inspired projects.

 A whole stack of Washi Tape

Amy was making some of our business cards the other day. We keep meaning to get some printed, but we're waiting for Vistaprint to send us some offers! In the mean time, we have been carving up kraft card, printing them with our Berylune rubber stamp and sticking some washi tape stripes to the front. Then we were hand writing our Facebook Page on the back.

Amy got bored of this process, so dug out her vintage John Bull Printing Outfit and made herself a facebook stamp. The irony of using something made before computers were invented to advertise a social networking site was not lost on us! We're just gutted the set doesn't include an @ sign...