Spring Honey

My fella, Nic, has been keeping bees for just over a year now. It started with a Christmas present in 2010, followed by the purchase of a couple of boxes of angry sounding bees, and ended with two friendly, honey-producing hives.

The fruits of Nic's labour, or I should say Nic's Bees' labour, can now be purchased in our shop. This is our spring harvest, so it's light in colour and sets completely. It's really rather nice.

They are 250g jars and they have been finished off with some hand-stamped Cath Kidston labels and a strip of pretty Washi tape. There are some more official-looking  (and rather boring) labels on the other side, but we prefer this view :) Honey usually comes in 1lb jars, or 454g in proper, but this was our first crop and so we knew there would only be a limited amount to go around.

We'll be sampling in the shop this weekend.