Glue. Everywhere.

We have been gluing again. Often we miss the findings and glue things to ourselves. Some of us more often than others (Amy).  I think perhaps there is a new body-art form in the making. Though I'm relatively certain the glue we use is not supposed to be stuck to one's skin.

The result of our gluing:

 Pretty Rose Hairslides

 Bird Hairslides

(I'm not sure what pictures you were expecting, but this isn't that sort of website.)

Work is due to commence on our back yard this afternoon. Do you remember Matt, our Controller of Paperclip Placement? He's also rather good with wood, when he's not expertly placing paperclips, so is building us some bits and pieces outside, in preparation for our craft classes. 

'Why do you need work done outside to host craft classes?', I hear you ask. Well, we have an outside toilet. It's vintage, but in perfect working order, and we want our back yard to have a pretty courtyard-garden feel to it. Pictures will follow, once we have our potted plants and garden furniture in place.It's not for sitting out in the sun on quiet days at all. Honest.

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