Name That Pig!

If you missed the post, Katie at Madhatters Craft Studio gave us this fabulous piggy bank:
 Photo stolen from Katie's Facebook page

We asked you to name our piggy. The name will be chosen at random and the person who came up with it will win a Berylune goodie bag, worth over £20!
The entries so far:
Christine Cuddihy - Easy-Bake
Tina Baxter - Sherbet
Ana Jongskul ‎- Bebe
Clare Mee - Penny Pig
Mel Smith - Eugene
Fay Cresswell - Mr Cook E Fund
Damyanti Patel -  Empress of Leamington
Lauren Pike - Penelope Piggy
Storyseekers - Henrietta
Matt Owen - Pass the pig
Katie Ward - Periwinkle the pig  (And Katie painted it!)

They're all great, but we want more! Entries need to be in by Saturday 14th July via Facebook, Twitter or right here.

16.07.12 Update - Winner chosen at random using random number generator -  is Fay Cresswell with 'Mr Cook E Fund'! Well done Fay, email us your address and we'll pop your goodie bag in the post x