Kitchen Goodies

We have a fresh hoard of vintage in this week, including the below kitchen bits...

A gorgeous french juice (or smoothie!) bottle, a glass jelly mould and a flour sifter. We also have several of these original  fabric flour bags, for framing or simply storing your flour (that's what I'll be using mine for!). The fronts look like they're screen printed, we just love the colours! Usain Bolt's favourite.

Alas, tragedy struck our shop today. I had to say goodbye to an old and trusted friend, who has been with me from the beginning. She has been something of a bone of contention; some have said 'I'm not working with that thing in the room, it's eyes follow me'. Others have said 'The first person that offers me a fiver when I'm on the till can take it home with them'.

She and I knew that you can't please everyone; sometimes you have to remain steadfast, ignoring criticism and challenging your partners when they tell you something is really quite ugly.
Sorry it's not a very good picture
Today was the day I had to say goodbye to 'Ugly Red Cat Painting'. A man and his wife purchased her, but not before promising to take very good care of her. I knew they were the rightful owners when they held their ground after I tried to chase them from the shop.

Goodbye my friend, until we meet again.

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