Just when you thought it couldn't get any better...

Remember Dress Up Dolls? Used to look something like this:

Well, they're back. And now they look like this:
David Bowie, Debbie Harry and Simon & Garfunkel
rock paper crafts to their very core.

With outfits like this:

And David Bowie in Y fronts:

Really Mel? You think David wears Y's? I love the intro to these books, Mel writes 'If you're a child or just rubbish at cutting things out neatly, it may be wise to get someone else to do your cutting out for you.' Sound advice.

Oh, and Amy complained that I picked my favourite straw colours for the post showing the new straws, but I didn't show Amy's favourites. Some people really need to find their way to the keyboard, but here they are anyway:

I think they're just a fluorescent yellow trim away from an 80's shell suit. Nic's favourite colours are orange and brown, but really, I'm not posting any more straw photos, this is getting silly now.

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