Worn out.

I've had a lovely weekend. The weather was glorious and I got to spend all of it outdoors. I saw a number of people carrying coconuts with straws sticking out of the top and someone was playing Bob Marley across a loudspeaker on Saturday morning. No, I wasn't in the Caribbean, it was Leamington Food Festival this weekend! They had a non-food section called 'I Love Leamington', where we had a stall.

Here are some pictures of our wares:

Those of you who remember our Christmas Market stalls will note the lack of gale force winds, rain and extra protective sheeting! It all felt very civilised. No wooly hats, snow boots or fingerless gloves required.

I monched on a variety of delicious treats; the lovely ladies from Blueberry Hill had a stall opposite me, which was a little too convenient! I can highly recommend their blueberry crumble slice (twice). Electric Lemon kept my thirst quenched, Shakespeare Spit Roast had a cracking bit of crackling, Sciolti Chocolates were the only people I saw there scooping ice cream; luckily it was quite nice! I had Pimms (aka fruit salad in an alcoholic dressing) and other yummy things, but people brought them to me so I'm not sure where they were from! Everyone's stalls looked beautiful, including our friends at Rustic, Vinteas and Lantern Corner Sweet Shop.

It was great to meet some new people and spread the word about our shop and craft studio; there are so many lovely like-minded people in Leamington, it leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy. Or maybe that was the Pimms.

Berylune, 45 Park Street, Leamington Spa CV32 4QN. www.berylune.co.uk