Giant buttons. Seriously

We took delivery of the most enormous buttons I've ever seen this week:

I've photographed them on a scrabble board next to some normal sized buttons to give you some idea of scale. I was going to take a picture of one in my hand, but you literally couldn't see any hand for button.

They're 12cm across. Pi tells me that means they're 37.699cm round the edge.

They're lovely smooth wood and very tactile. We have no idea what to do with them yet; they would make great (if a little pricey) coasters. Amy wants to make light pulls out of them for our studio, but I think they would make better curtain tie backs. However we end up using them, the general consensus is that they're cool, deal with it.

We've been decorating pegs with Washi tape for use around the shop (see What to do with Washi part 8), they're really handy for displaying bundles of things and to clip prices in place. People kept trying to buy them, and much to Amy's annoyance, I kept selling them! So we've bitten the bullet and made some to sell. They're clipped to a kraft tag and look rather like, if not completely identical to, this:

Washi pegs.

 Note: We thoroughly recommend you buy a roll of Washi and a pack of pegs and have a go at this yourself! It's very simple, it just takes a bit of time. 

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